Zoho Premium Partner Deutschland
Zoho Premium Partner Deutschland
Deutschlands einziger Zoho Premium Partner für alle ZOHO Module

Zoho Partner "Tagging" - Working with us as Premium Partner

We are the only Zoho Premium Partner for all Zoho Modules in Germany. Working together with us as partner offers you various benefits such as:

Free German & Englisch Support for all Zoho Modules at no extra cost
License payment without credit card - via invoicing
Join our free weekly webinars and community Meet-ups
Free consultation on the Zoho Products and Live 1:1 Web-Demos
Free Onboarding services
Trainings and online training at reduced rates
Access to industry specific solutions and add-ons
Access to our online Learning Series

In order to get all those free benefits it is mandatory to register your Zoho Account with us. It is free and there are no additional costs involved

1.) Log into your Zoho account
2.) Call the following link

For zoho.com Accounts: click here
For zoho.eu Accounts: click here

You will see the following screen:

Mark the services you are using or click on "Mark All" Afterwards click on "Tag Partner"

From now on you can use our support channel. All other direct channels to Zoho are not affected by this.

Please note, that we do not support any accounts which are not registered with us.